In a time that does not stop talking about ecology and moderate use of resources, large and powerful SUVs do not stop appearing. In addition, square and robust shapes. In the wake of the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford Bronco has appeared and a new Toyota Land Cruiser has been announced. And Mahindra, the Indian manufacturer, has introduced the Mahindra Thar.e Concept which, while retaining those retro lines, uses an electric propulsion system.

With 3.00 mm of ground clearance, off-road tires and body shapes that suggest excellent approach and departure angles, it has an imposing image, with oversized wheel arches. It is reminiscent of the Jeep in details such as the front or rear optics (they already have the Thar on the market, very similar to the previous generation Wrangler) and Other details that give that air of superiority are the steel bumpers, the roof line and hood completely horizontal or the windshield practically vertical. All of them details that undoubtedly negatively affect the autonomy of an electric vehicle. There is talk that it could reach production with bodies of three and five doors in the face of 2025.

The company has not given a single piece of information from the technical section, but there are rumors that it could count on electric motors of Volkswagen origin, one per axis, to offer a power that would be around 500 CV of power. Linked to a battery of between 60 and 80 kWh capacity, with which it would standardize a not too great autonomy due, precisely, to the imposing of its forms.

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